Women In Tech Newsletter Issue #1

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Get Inspired: Women/Girls in Tech Doing Amazing Things

6 Women Coders Who Are Advancing Gender Equality

These women coders are advancing gender equality by creating apps that help women or using their public presence to smash stereotypes about women in the tech industry. They are moving social justice forward along with technology.

New App Helps Undocumented Immigrants Find College Scholarships

As an undocumented student, Sarahi Espinoza Salamanca’s, struggle to find money for college inspired her to create a scholarship network that undocumented students can tap into just by reaching into their pockets. The network comes in the form of an app called the DREAMer’s Roadmap.

Meet Isis Anchalee who started #ILookLikeAnEngineer

Isis Anchalee, a biology major, made the decision to drop out of school to teach herself to code. She now works at Uber as a Software Engineer in their Driver Experience team.

Two 24-Year-Old Women Raise $1.7M For Tech To Streamline Construction Projects

Mallorie Brodie and Lauren Lake spent 6 months interviewing workers — builders, managers, contractors — about what frustrations they encountered when trying to get a job done. After 8 months of research, they built a web and mobile platform that acts as a digital “punch list,” tracking incomplete or incorrect tasks on a construction project.

Teenage girl coders from Mumbai slum are building apps to solve local problems

Girls, aged between eight and sixteen, are using the open source developing tool MIT App Inventor, to build several mobile apps to tackle everyday problems, including sexual harassment, access to water and education.


Words of wisdom: Advice from Women in Tech

You can be whoever you want to be. Do not let the world define you” – Wise words from Sanni Oluwatoyin Yetunde, a software developer from Lagos, Nigeria on being a female developer.

Prioritize self-care. Start building your network early. Apply for jobs before you feel ready – Great advice from Ksenia Coulter on how to get the most out of a coding bootcamp.

Code isn’t exclusively a boy language, it’s a computer language” – Meet Sejal Mehra, a girl who’s enacting major change for herself and others.Instead of focusing on what went wrong, focus on your daily successes – Alyssa Jovellanos on how she has adopted Sheryl Sandberg’s advice on fighting imposter syndrome.

Learn smart, be patient and embrace change” – My advice to those interested in a career in tech.


Your Toolbox: Resources on Coding

Learn to code

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Tools to Learn JavaScript By Doing


Python Tutorial on Machine Learning

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Food for thought: Interesting reads

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