Women in Tech Newsletter Issue #4

A monthly dose of inspirational stories about women in tech

Get Inspired: Women in Tech Doing Amazing Things ?

This blind Apple engineer is transforming the tech world at only 22
An amazing story about Jordyn Castor and how she is making technology more accessible for blind users [tweet it]

A Women’s History of Silicon Valley
Seven technologists who kicked off the computer revolution and happen to be female. [tweet it]

Female student makes history and heads to coding Olympics
Belinda Shi is determined to shatter the stereotype of the coder as “a man with nerdy glasses in a dark room”. [tweet it]

Words of Wisdom: Advice from Women in Tech ?

“To be a developer you really need to love to learn because you’re going to be learning your entire career” – Sara Chipps, founder of Jewelbots and Girl Develop It!

“Start some place that’s going to let you move slowly and deeply understand what you’re doing.” – Louisa Barrett of Haught Codeworks tells us about how to become an effective junior developer.

“By learning how to program you can build whatever you want. You don’t need tons of capital; you just need motivation to learn.” – Advice from Ferreira who taught herself coding and started MySocialCloud.

Your Toolbox: Resources on Coding ?

Learn to code

The Practical Guide to Becoming a Professional Web Developer

Front End

Exercises for JS Beginners

HTML and CSS Best Practices

Debugging Tricks


Learn Python for Business Analysis using Real-world Data

Ruby on Rails

50 Most Common Ruby On Rails Mistakes Beginner Developers Make

Active Record – Brief Introduction for Beginners

Data Science

Introduction to Big Data


A beginners guide to thinking in SQL

Career: Preparing for a Job in Tech ?

You in 6 seconds: how to write a résumé that employers will actually read

How I became (and stayed) a successful programmer

Cracking the Coding Interview [book]

Food for thought: Interesting reads ☕

Self study vs. Boot camp

Front-End Development in an Internet of Things World

Necessity never made perfect code. Ignore perfection.

Tech Term of the Month: Relational Database


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